Our Love Story :D

Nah3 , Emylia mau 'NEW YEAR' sdah . haha ! hehe~ ADA AZAM bru sdah ka ? XPP . Rindu kw sngt2 . Tidak bnyk mau tulis ni , 'EMPTY MIND' skrg , HAHA ! . hmm , apa2 pun berdoa lah untuk hubungan kita k :) . HOPE OUR RELATIONSHIP LONG LASTING <3 / Love you so much bebeh ! XD . Emylia Asyikin si Mohd Naim syggggggggggggggggg kw !


From you boyfriend : MOHD NAIM B. JAINI 

I'm Sorry Darl ,

Yesterday 24-12-11 , it's was so hurting each other , arghh ! My lovely darl mad at me , it's all my fault . Erghh ! i was so scare when that happen to our relationship. Hmm . . . But today , she forgive me , and she still mad at me, Oh God . Please , don't do this to us . Hmm . Emylia , again i'm so so so sorry make you like this , and i so love you :) . Please forgive me at the second time .

sincerely from my heart : Your Boyfriend MOHD NAIM.

I'm So Happy ! :D

Woahh ! Last night i'm so suprise when she say 'I have a good news to tell you' :) . Then i say 'What!?' , 'Mummy change her mind' :3 . Me , 'What!? , :) why?' . She said 'Somebody help us, and it was EZA my niece :)' . Woahhh ! I'm so happy when hear that news . HAHA ! Now her mom accept our relationship , GRR~ :3 . I love you aunty <3 .

P/s : I'm happy until not sleep again , haha ! nvm lah . LOVEYOUEMYLIAASYIKIN :)

I love her so much

16/12/11 , When her cousin tell me ,'Emy post something on your wall, it's so seriously !' .
I'm so suprise when read that sms. When I see my wall(FACEBOOK WALL), she write a blog for me to tell me something that so seriously about our relationship.

I open her blog and began to read it, After a few second my tear drop one by one. I can't stop crying when reading her blog that tell me her mom disagree about our 'RELATIONSHIP'. Urghh ! what a hard life i had.

I ask her to tell her mom again, but her mom won't change her mind. Her mom just gave her one week to 'BROKE UP' with me. But today was the 4th day, and we just have three day left. Haihhh~ It's so hard to let her go. I love her so much, Our relationship is been 4 month but her mom ruined it. Urghh !

I can't sleep for a day, My eyes turn red cause i'm crying. Huh ! I don't know what to do know, Just wait until the day come and it's was on 20th DECEMBER, Urghh !

P/s : Emylia Asyikin , i love u so much . Im sorry if my english bad , i love u so much darl ! <3